3 times the rent rule explained

What if I don’t make 3 times the rent? Rent rule explained!

A common problem that renters face when looking for an apartment is meeting the income requirement. Most of the time, in cities with high cost of living such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, there is a “3 times the rent rule” that requires renters to earn at least 3 times of what the apartment cost per month, no wonder why a common question among renters is what if I don’t make 3 times the rent? 

While this requirement seems exaggerated, on the landlord side there is a logical reason to ask for this, such as making sure that the tenant can afford the place and avoid a future eviction. However, it is true that a frugal lifestyle can lower your expenses enough to be able to pay a bigger rent without earning a fortune.

If you are trying to understand the logic behind the 3 times the rent rule and how to get a rental without meeting the income requirement, we have put together this article that explains everything about it and how you can overcome this obstacle in order to find your next great apartment and start furnishing it right away.

The “3 times the rent rule” or income requirement explained

Why do apartments ask for 3 times the rent?

While there is not a law that states that renters should make at least 3 times the price of its rent, this requirement is a common practice among America, especially in cities with high living standards such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, to name a few. 

The reason behind the 3 times the rent rule expects renters to earn at least three times the cost of the apartment that they are trying to rent, and not 2, 4 or 6,  is based on section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937 (often referred to as Section 8), a government-subsidized housing program that provides assistance to families with low or moderate incomes to rent housing in the private market.

According to the Section 8 program, the tenants must pay at least 30% of their monthly income towards housing, which implies that those tenants should at least earn three times the rent of the apartment that they are trying to rent.  Landlords usually take this number and ask renters proof of income for 3 times the rent because they need to have proof that the renter can afford the place and won’t stop paying for the rent, which could lead into an eviction

If you are trying to move to an apartment with a roommate you will notice that even when you make three times your share of the rent, the landlord often expects both of you to make three times the total cost of the rent. This happens because the landlord wants to make sure that if things go wrong and one of you moves out the other one can still afford the place.

How to Get a Rental Without Meeting the Income Requirement

If you are just out of college or are living with a low income, this income requirement can be a hefty sum for you. However, there are other ways to show your landlord that you can afford the apartment and that is what we are going to cover next.

It is important to mention that this rule exists for a reason, and most of the time if you can’t meet the 3 times the rent rule is because you really won’t be able to afford the apartment in the long term. So before reading any of this advice sit down for a minute, organize your budget and your expenses, and ask yourself if looking for something smaller or in a cheaper area could be a better idea.

If you worked your budget and consider that you are able to afford the apartment, here are some things that you could do to show your landlord that you have the ability to pay for it on the term

  • Check for apartments that include utilities: if you don’t make 3 times the rent of an apartment but it comes with utilities paid by your landlord, you can talk with him and show him how not paying for these bills means that you need less income to get by.
  • Show your landlord your current apartment contract: if you are already renting a place that cost the same that the home you are trying to rent, this can be a proof that you are capable of paying this amount in time. Besides, providing the documents that showcase this, put your new landlord in contact with the new one so he can evacuate his doubts about you.
  • Look for a room in an already occupied apartment: if the lease for an apartment is already signed that means that the roommates that are living there have already proved to be earning 3 times the rent. Most of the time this rule is required to the primary leaseholder, which means that you only have to show proof of income for your share of the rent and no the total.
  • Show your bank statement: a large sum of savings in your bank account will show that you have a backup plan in case things go wrong and you are not able to pay your rent in time. Simply get a statement from your bank and add it to your rental application. If you have any concerns about showing your bank statements to your landlord we have made a guide that you might want to check out.
  • Offer a higher secure deposit: similar to showing your bank statement, having savings can easily earn you the apartment that you want. Simply offer the landlord to pay a deposit that is above what he is asking for to make your application more attractive and show that you are committed to the rental.
  • If you are debt-free take advantage of it: if you don’t earn three times the rent but you are debt-free you can talk your landlord into taking in consideration that you don’t have any debt bills to pay, which means that you have to use less money of your income to get by.
  • Look for smaller landlords: an individual renting their one and only property or a management company can often be more flexible than large companies, consider looking for properties with this kind of management and talk to them about your situation.
  • Get a guarantor: a lease guarantor or co-signer -often your parents when you are just out of college- serve as a proof that you have someone who will be your backup if something goes wrong. This is the most common way to rent an apartment without meeting the income requirement, however, we recommend you to try first all the tips above because your guarantor will be responsible for you if you can’t pay your rent, and we know that is a lot to ask.

Hunting for an apartment is not easy and we know it but if you make sure you have a good credit score and try your best to impress your landlord you will find out that overcoming the three times the rent rule can be easier than you thought.

Did we help you scoring your next apartment? then it is time to start furnishing it! go and check our budget guide about how to furnish an apartment under $1000

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  1. It just doesn’t make any sense is that what section 8 is for low income? If I have three time of rent why will be on section 8 ?. I would be able to pay my own rent.what about elderly there only one income with social security they do not have no three time rent.

    1. Exactly !! I don’t understand the logic behind needing 3 times the rent on Section8 . I think the landlord or property manager are basically saying we don’t want rent to any Section 8 people . Rather then say that they apply it to everyone , so it don’t look as if the landlord or property manager is being discriminatory toward individuals with a Section 8 voucher . It’s really messed up on not only to people with Section 8 , but to people without Section 8 !! 3 times the rent is a lot for ppl earning minimum wages . I pray during this pandemic some of the landlords & property managers will have a heart and take that into consideration . I will be in search of a place in 6 months . I plan of buying a home in a couple years as well as flipping home and I will never ask a tenant to have 3 times the rent . I would ask for 2 times not 3 !!

      1. Section 8 is income based housing. Thus, they are expected to pay 30% of their income, but they can not make over a certain amount to be granted a section 8 voucher. It’s just what the government believes to be the standard contribution.

      2. You are so right. The worse part, some of the houses are not worth a dollar amount. Fifth graders may have better solutions to run this country for the most part. Who can up with the idea of houses increasing in value yearly. Houses with no modernization in the same bracket as new construction houses. A 60years old home selling or renting as a modern home. Home buying investment used as collaterals, usually leading to debts until death. Homelessness exists more than you realize.

      3. Everyone complains about 3x rent, wait until you’re a landlord and you try to help people who are struggling and they freeload for 9months. And destroy the place and steal your appliances. You learn that you can’t be be the nice guy, you get always get screwed. There’s a lot of shitty tenants out there that know the system.

      4. You don’t need three times the rent on section 8, they charge you 30% of your income. So if you only make $1000 a month they will charge you $300 a month for rent. Section 8 housing doesn’t have fixed rent rates, it’s a percentage based off of your income.

      5. Exactly! I’m on Social security disability income and low income and there is no way that I would ever make three times the amount of rent. It is ridiculous and unfair to us all SSDI and low income persons. We are pushed to the side and not considered. Thank you Shawn Matthews for your very kind heart. God bless you and I wish you all the best in your home buying journey. We need more people like you. Take care and be safe.

      6. I am a disabled senior and must have an attached garage. I can’t even get an apt because I do not have 3 times rent. Been out of PT since pandemic started as I cannot get to my car which is parked a block away. Only handicapped parking. I have no bills and good credit well over 700.

      7. it is discrimination against disabled people at the very least and should be illegal. They want us all to move to the middle of nowhere and stare at the wall til we die.

      8. right i don’t get it im on section 8 and they just told me if i rented an apartment for 2000 a month and i had 6000 in the bank then i would not be on section 8 any longer…so how does that work

      9. You don’t need three times the rent for section 8 housing, they charge you around 30% of your income. So if you make $1000 a month they will only charge you about $300 for rent. Section 8 housing doesn’t have fixed rent rates, it’s a percentage based off of your income. It’s designed to offer cheap and affordable housing for those who need it the most (you have to be below the poverty line to qualify).

      10. you are right i am on sectin 8 and what it is they are wrong we have to pay 30 percent of what ever money we get every month for instance say you make 1000 a month your part of rent is only 300 so you need 3 times of your amount which would be 900 a month they can’t include the remaining 700 against you because you are not responsible for that..this three times the rent shit has nothing to do with section 8

      11. If not in section 8 Luke myself I believe it’s should be the 30% of the rent for the 3 times the rent that’s calculated. Like if the rent is 1500 or 2000 a month 30% *3 so either 450×3 or 600X3 u digg

    2. I thinks that’s wrong asking 3 x’s the amount especially with this covid that’s wrong in so many ways wonder why everyone is homeless or living in there campers.

      1. You are on point. I am having that problem of 3 times the rent in my apartment search. Also problems
        with ignored repairs and mold infestation. But Landlord still wants that high amount rent money. In spite of me having Covid previously and may have it now. Paid rent timely and still pays. 71 years old retired from COJ saw that housings is a dirty racketeering business in most cases. People will ruin your life when advocating against betterment in housings. Yet I am Grateful for those on the front line advocating.

      2. Yes.couples
        Can mot get.sectiom 8 rents
        Both of them earn
        To much income together
        So.dose it mean.they gotta split up
        To get approved
        On hud rentals

      3. You said it. If apartments are 1600 in Massachusetts who makes over 4800 a month. Not me and i make 19 an hour

      4. I agree, if your retured on ssi have paying your bills on time its almost impossible for someone on ssibto meet the 3 times income. No wonder we have so many people living on the streets. These landlords are greedy, you can make the 3 times but that does not mean you will pay your rent. Doesnt make since. If these landlords would rent with 1st last and security there wouldnt be so many homeless people in the USA.Helpvthe illegal immigrants but keep the Anerican people on the streets. We need more Godly People. My heart breaks for the honest people that are trying to have a home to live in but can’t cause the greedy landlords think the rent will be payed cause there income is 3 times the rent. Wrong. I wish I had money to buy homes ect to beable to rent to people looking for a safe home to live in. This is a terrible world were living in. God Bless the people that are trying to rent but doesn’t have 3 times the income. All you need is a heart, if these greedy landlords were in the situation that these poor people are in maybe then they would see what there doing to people. I think its sinful to be so greedy. I never had 3 times my income. My bills are always payed on time. When I rented the home was better than before I moved in.

      5. I agree and, it SHOULD BE illegal. Great people fall on hard times. It’s not fair to ANYONE to be subject to such an unreachable “rule”.
        The way I see it is, if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent agreed upon, evict them(unless it’s due to a worldwide pandemic).
        As long as you earn “THE RENT” PERIOD, that should be acceptable by private landlords as well as realty companies.
        The cost of the rent isn’t multiplied 3X’s. So, why does earning 3x’s the rent even matter. Something devised by some butt hole to make living comfortable difficult to impossible. Should be illegal.

      1. Or SSI….SSI in part are disabled individuals that dont have enough paid in to qualify for disability..Like myself have almost never worked…I receive $793 a month and it looks like im going to be on the streets after im done caring for my 89 year old mom.

        1. I am right there with you. I receive SSDI & SSI and combined I only make $791 per month and there is no way I could ever make 3 times the amount. I worry every month, wondering if I am going to be evicted from where I rent now. I worry that I will be homeless. Very scary.

        2. I worked 27 years & I get the same amount of SSI as you. And according to SS they say I need to work 3 more if I want a bigger payment. And I can barely walk. I’m learning to live with my small SSI benefit.

        3. I have the same problem. I need an apt in 2 months, because my landlord is selling the one I am in. I have lived here for 21 years, and am on ssi. I live with my son, who has been disabled since birth, and I am his caregiver. He gets disability, but gets much more then I do, because he gets it off of his fathers social security number. Then my brother broke his femur, and lives with us also. Between the 3 of us, we make enough to not only pay our rent the last 21 years, but to pay all of our bills. Even during the pandemic. I have a fico score of 650, but neither of them, has any credit at all. My landlord has given us an amazing refference, yet no one will rent to us. Do we not deserve a roof over our heads, just because we don’t make 3 times the rent? We are very quiet people, and get. Along great with neighbors, but I think we’re going to end up in the streets. I am so worried, and we don’t deserve to be treated like this. We don’t have a savings act, but that does not mean we can’t pay our bills. I just don’t know what to do anymore. We will be in the streets very soon, if something does not change.

        4. That’s why this stupid, inhumane rule SHOULD be illegal and, anyone reported using that rule, have their property seized and fined as well as 30 days jail time.
          What ever happened to the “FAIR HOUSING ACT”.
          All that should matter to ANY landlord is that, the tenant has the ability to pay the rent PERIOD.
          If the rent is $500.00 monthly, and the tenant is paid $550.00 a month but, STILL PAYS RENT ON TIME ANYWAY, that’s ALL that should matter to the landlord. Hell, if the tenant just chooses not to pay rent, evict them, easy fix. As far as I’m concerned, USA war Veterans, elderly and fixed income recipients should be exceptions to this stupid, unnecessary, heartless rule. EXEMPT PERIOD!!!!!!!!

        5. Yes.I got turned down
          Every were
          Id went
          To apply for standard
          They mandated
          Id earn
          2x ?& 3x times gross.the rent momthy.or Id not get those apts
          Only if
          I had
          A room mate
          Or c/o signer
          Family or friends
          Or partner.to assit me.to pay there rents. No.!!!!.u arent.getting approved.on standard rents
          On ssdI
          Social securtiy payments only
          They will mot rent to u.becase.u do not earn
          Enough money
          To me.is un fair houseimg acts.

        1. Hi Cheryl,
          Since there is no law that regulates the minimum or maximun that a landlord can ask, there is not a limit for this. However, asking for 2 o 3 times the rent is the most common, while some times landlords can also ask for up to 4 times the rent.

      2. Landlord are especially careful right now during Covid since there are no evictions allowed. If a landlord owns 3 units and their total mortgage including principle, interest, taxes & insurance for all three units is $3000 and rents are $1200 per unit, the landlord can pay their mortgage and expenses and have a maximum of $600 left over every month for incidentals, other expenses and hopefully some profit.

        If even one of those units has a hardship and can’t pay their rent, the landlord will be short $600 every month with no way to evict (due to Covid restrictions). IF all three stop paying rent for two or three months, the landlord would likely go into foreclosure and lose everything they’ve worked to build.

        Regarding the 3x rule. If you are currently on disability or housing assistance, this is figured into your income. So for example, if you’re receiving $1200 in housing assistance and $800 for SSI, and $1000 in W2 income, you can afford a $1000 apartment ($1200 + $800 +$1000 = $3000 / 3 = $1000).

        I hope this helps

        1. Thank you. Very informative. As a landlord it is really tuff also during theses times for everyone. I release a tenant from her contract, because she couldn’t afford rent nor utilities due to the pandemic. There so many program for people with low income and as a small property owener, it’s hard to qualify for programs because you fall in the middle somewhere. I’m simpathy to peoples needs, but as a landlord you have to look out for you and your famliy best interest as well. I now have 2 household to maintain, while carefully considerating a new tenant.

        2. Thanks for the explanation, but im still confused.. My question is…Am I allowed to show the landlord my savings account that equals to 3 times the rent, but it only shows enough for 1 month, incase of an emergency? will that be enough for them to approve me for an apartment or does it need to be consistly earned money? I do plan to have a job and continue my side hustle.

        3. This doesn’t help us at all. We’re a family of 3, on disability. Housing does not have the money to help us at all. We tried. I get $794 a month, from ssi, my son gets $14,47 a month from disability and my brother gets $2000 a month. I am the only one with credit at all, but it’s only fair credit, and I pay $100% ontime every month, but use too much of it, and that’s why it’s only fair. Right now my fico score is 650, but it fluctuates, because sometimes I need to use the credit, for my sons health, and I am his caregiver. It never goes below 600. Between the 3 of us, we can afford a 3 bedroom apt for no more then $1800. Yet no one will rent to us because neither of them have any credit, and we have to put our money together to pay our rent, with no savings for any of us. We don’t make the 3 times amount of the rent, but if we only have to pay one time the amt of rent monthly, then why should we need 3 times the amt? We have lived in our beautiful, 3 bedroom, 2 and half bathroom townhouse, with eat in kitchen, for 21 years, and have always paid our rent, and every other bill, even during the pandemic, when most people didn’t. We will be paying a lot more, for a lot less then we have now. The apts I have seen in our price range, have such tiny bedrooms. Our bedrooms are huge, compared to what I have been looking at, but at this point, we just want a roof over our heads, and would take anything, even though we will have to throw some of our furniture out, since the apts are nothing compared to what we have had, the past 21 years. I pay $1450 right now, but will have to pay $1750- $1800 for a 3 bedroom, tiny apt, and there are so few of them. I am sick about it. I don’t think it’s fair, to expect people to make 3 times the rent. My landlord has given us a glowing refference. Do you think, we don’t deserve a roof over our heads, just because we don’t make 3 times the rent?

        4. that is not how housing assistance works 3000 doesn’t mean you can afford a 1000 apartment. with housing assistance it doesn’t matter how much money you get its always going to be 30% of your income is all you have to pay for rent and they pay the remaining ..as long as you can always pay 50.00 rent they will pay the remaining. example your apartment is 1000 a month and you make 1000 a month 30 percent of your wages will be 300 so your rent out of your pocket is 300 and you will need to make 3 times that which is 900 to rent it but if the rent is 2000 you still only are going to pay your 300

        5. your information and calculation is inaccurate learn what section 8 is before you try to explain please. A person is given a certain amount according to their household size. Your income determines how much you will pay towards the rent Factual example a household os given a 3 bedroom voucher in a specific county each county in each state has different values the amount is 2100 which means you have to find a 3bedroom equal to less than that amount. Lets say they found something for the exact amount…Now let’s use the families income lets say its 28000 annually.. cause it goes by annual income then their are deductions disability and children lets say this person has a disability and 5 children they are entitled to a 400 disability deduction and 300 per child yearly under the age of 18 from their annual income. 28000-400-1500=26100… 26100÷12= 2175×.30= 652.50 is the amount of rent the tenant would pay out of the 2100… the person can afford a house or apartment for 2100 and only have to pay their portion while section 8 pays the rest directly to the landlord… FACTS

        6. WOW!!!!!
          If the State/Government can bring in and give away Trillions of dollars in freaking lottery winnings/tickets, then why can’t this kind of thing be waived?
          Then the song says:

          “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. And I can’t forget the men who DIED TO GIVE THAT RIGHT TO ME. And I’ll “proudly” stand up next to you and defend you still today. And there ain’t no doubt I live this land, God bless the USA”….

          “Pledge Of Allegiance”
          “Star Spangled Banner”
          These are suppose to stand for something and protect AMERICANS.
          This country has become lost, corrupted and money hungry. Greedy, unfair, heartless, mindless, unsympathetic, evil, careless Government, Local, State, Country leaders.

      3. That’s insane! How can people afford to live on their own with expectations like this? Especially during a pandemic when so many people have been laid off. No wonder there are so many millennials (like myself) that still live with their parents or have roommates. It’s only going to get worse!

        1. And no one thinks about the landlord, they have to feed their families and pay mortgage. Banks don’t give grace period or freebies. Life isn’t fair. I have never seen a tenant ever go back after they’ve gotten back on their feet and payback the landlord for miss rent or damages, even if there was a judgement.

          1. It’s people like you that sceew over good people that can afford to pay rent and not make 3 times their rent. Do you make 3 times your rent? I wonder how many landlords do make 3 times their rent. Very unfair rule..give honest working people a chance to live in a good area and be happy!
            My app was not approved after I was told that if I didnt make 65k to pay a 1500 rent I needed to show 5k in the bank. He was a fucking liar. I proved I had much more than that and he still told me sorry even with my W2 and social security. What do they want from people????

          2. This 3x rule us so ridiculous, there needs to be something put in place, to change this rule. Earning 3x times tge rent is often times unrealistic. I can understand 2xs but 3… that’s crazy. So where are people supposed to live , this is why we have such a homeless issue in America. If a person earns. $2500 a month (which is more than mine wage)and is trying to rent an apartment that’s $900.00 , which is not a high scale apt , They won’t qualify! Where are people suppose to live .. on the street or in the slum? Why should people have to live in crack infested neighborhoods because they don’t earn $3000 a month!! Increase wages in this country or change this Ridiculous Rule!!!!!

            1. This 3x rule is so ridiculous, there needs to be something put in place, to change this rule. Earning 3x times the rent is often times unrealistic. I can understand 2xs but 3… that’s crazy. So where are people supposed to live , this is why we have such a homeless issue in America. If a person earns. $2500 a month (which is more than mine wage)and is trying to rent an apartment that’s $900.00 , which is not a high scale apt , They won’t qualify! Where are people suppose to live .. on the street or in the slum? Why should people have to live in crack infested neighborhoods because they don’t earn $3000 a month!! Increase wages in this country or change this Ridiculous Rule!!!!!

            2. I am just under the 3x required amount of a hud based apartment how or why they ask for 3x in a hud housing apartment seems odd I’m selling a condo I own I’m on ssa under3x rent but have contract for buyers will walk away with 40k that would cover $835 per mo for 4 years have proof of this turned in plus a real estate agent with proof and still they demand 3x income how does that make sence selling because limited income to fix anything that could break down in condo plus we are 60 and 70 yrs old hard times for many a lot younger then us without 40 k and still being turned down HELP explain this insanity please

            3. Winter, the people who matter, and CAN stop this, DON’T GIVE A S#@&T.
              We’re all in this worldwide pandemic together and, should have some type of consideration for those who have been financially affected. Leadership ACROSS THE BOARD, IN ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT EVEN PRESIDENTIAL, HAS NO CONCERN FOR THIS STUPID, HEARTLESS “RULE”.
              It needs to be stomped out and NOW!!!!!!!

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          6. I think it’s unethical. I have been looking for an apartment I can afford. I’ve found a few but because I don’t make 2 to 3 times the rent I don’t qualify. Even the all bills paid apartments. I am currently living in an Assisted Living Facility and the state makes them take all of my $707– monthly income. I am also an amputee. I will have help from caregivers and once I get an apartment I can get on food stamps which I think counts as income.

          7. this is so stupid, its based off opinion. I work and make enough for rent and if I get a roommate its to make the payments easier, but that part of 40x or 50x times the rent is sooo stupid, all because its a stupid feeling the landlord gets, either way both parties or only one doesn’t have to pay rent or they can up and both lose there jobs or worst. I tried to get a apartment for $2300 and I alone make 2300 and change a month before takes and not doing over time, combining my income with my roommate I am super able and easy to get a apartment, I was denied because and her didn’t make enough combined cause we need to make $88,000 a year when I alone can pay the rent by myself, like If I am making $88,000 or $90,000 I AM BUYING A HOUSE!!!!!! why would I even bother to get a apartment. the United States NEEDS TO CHECK THESE APARTMENTS RULES cause it doest make no sense

          8. Soon to be homeless working full time

            These excuses about section 8 are just garbage. Greedy landlords get the world’s smallest violin treatment. I see so many living on the streets now because in my area even the dumpiest rathole is 1100/mo. There ARE no cheaper areas here. I work full time and can’t afford to live. Our country is a wreck and no longer cares about the common man or woman. Greed greed greed. I look forward to the collapse. It’s not far off now.

          9. Who writes these articles? This issue is presented as if tenants are being irresponsible by not having THREE times the rent in income. This is obviously an affordable housing issue, not an irresponsible tenants issue. The author talks down to renters as if renters were stupid, advising them to consider the issue from landlords’ perspective. Clearly, landlords are business people and want to earn as much money as possible. But housing is a survival requirement. Therefore, the government which represents the people has a responsibility to make sure there is enough affordable housing GIVEN PEOPLE’S ACTUAL SALARIES. Landlords want more money so raise rents. Business owners want more money so pay low salaries. Everyone is benefitting except the workers/renters struggling to survive. Fix the d@mn UNaffordable housing crisis instead of offering inane, vacuous excuses for why things continue to get worse.

            1. One thing I forgot to point out is that the government came up with the 3X income rule TO PROTECT RENTERS by giving a guideline of how much renters should be earning to be able to safely afford living space. But this guideline is now being used as a weapon against renters who can’t control corporations’ employee compensation (thanks in part to the relentless attrition of US labor unions), thus locking many renters into poverty and even homelessness. Look up the GROWTH of the full-time employed but homeless in the US. In the absence of affordable housing–and report after government report shows there is NOT A SINGLE US JURISDICTION with remotely adequate affordable housing given local salaries–its unethical to close out workers from housing. The US doesn’t want to raise minimum wage. It doesn’t want to decrease rental costs. And it doesn’t want to offer adequate solutions to address homelessness (growing since the pandemic) or historic housing insecurity. But if you’re a business owner (US businesses are making record profits) or landlord, it’s all good.

              What happened to government FOR THE PEOPLE? We’ve become government for the well-resourced.

          10. Hello can a landlord refuse to rent to you if you work 2 part time jobs and can still meet 3 times your rent. I was told I had to make 3 times my rent from one job. I don’t understand this.

          11. Mad as hell Renter

            That’s absolute bullshit this is a clear and cut case of systemic racism you’re trying to rule black and brown people out of their places no one is fooled. If I made 3 times a rent I would be making more than the people that work there and I would buy a home

          12. I worked for more that 30 years before having to go on disability, and after divorcing my husband of 17 years (with receiving no support from him) I returned home to live with my elderly mother since I was unable to afford housing. Now 8 years later I’m having to find a place to live since my mother is having to go live in a Memory Care Facility. Every apartment I have looked at that is semi affordable requires that I make 3x the rent. I have no debt, and have budgeted my income to where I could afford to pay up to a certain amount for rent, but these apartment complexes just look at my income and say NO. I have been trying for the past 3 years to get on some sort of assistance but where I live the Voucher program has been Closed and it is not known when it will open back up for ppl to apply for the Wait List. This “rule” that Landlords are using set back in 1938 NEEDS to seriously looked at. It is Time that the “SILENT POOR” Spoke Up and demanded that not only we get help with better housing, more housing but assistance with the way the Landlords apply this “rule” – it is time the “rule” was changed.

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          15. Rents are higher
            Every single year.hud is a good program
            But so many.apts complexs are to full.not emough units available
            For everyone
            Hud.imits units.they have
            & not nearly enough
            Ate readlly available
            List are.closed
            On getting.apts
            On hud._ u gotta wait
            Over a year.to get those apts.so
            Are u
            To be homeless while u wait.& family & friends.cant allways assit.us on our houseing needs.we dont.have hotels.money
            So were are we to go.to live
            More homelessess
            Being om
            One monthy check hotels remts
            Over 1.000 a month to stay.& most
            Only 700.00 up to
            Possible 1000 a month maybe
            Checks.arent enough
            To pay
            For a motel
            While u cant.pay your.apts rents.u also cant
            Get a hotel room to remt
            U dont got.enough money.which.no one.has a heart.to care.if u have.enough money.to make it or not.covid came
            Id felt.landlords.would
            Give us
            A slight break.& lower the rents montly
            No.it went up higher
            Id felt.that.was so un fair
            No affordable rents
            No more.we are.about.to pay
            690.00 per month
            Plus.the lights.,& water & trash.yes.we will stuggle
            But its 2 of to pay that together
            I fear
            The future.cause
            If anything.were to happen
            To.my hinby
            id be put out.cause.I dont
            Earn.2x & 3x gross.money
            Wow right.?.homeless
            Id be
            Over petty
            It makes
            No sence to me.why

            I make
            2x _ 3x gross.om retirement benefits.

          16. Hud apts.are a great
            Idea.but.units.apts have.closed waiting list
            Its.15 momths to.2 or 3 years.om some hud apts.also.be very careful which apts u do pick.not all hud .places are.good
            Or decent units.u must.complely check every place.u womt.out first. If this means.u get friends
            & family
            To see
            What those apts are all about first.u will be.surprised.what folks
            Will tell u.on certain apts
            Just go by
            The apts
            Were u are.thinking to remt
            Ask someome
            Who lives there
            What those apts
            Are really like
            Livimg there
            .its likey.someone.will talk to u.& tell u information u need to know

            Swing by those apts
            A.nd take
            A walk.aroumd

          17. I hear and agree! correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the section 8 program means subsidized, or the fed govt fills up what you can’t pay.
            Say you can earn only $300; the landlord agrees to take only $100 and his building is approved by the gov’t that it’s up to their codes of quality. As long as your very low income qualifies you, the gov’t will help pay your rent, making up the difference between what you can pay, 1/3 income, and what the landlord would regularly charge. Thus the term “subsidized housing.” Rent is more than a third of what you bring home, Uncle Sam pays the rest.

          18. You said it. If apartments are 1600 in Massachusetts who makes over 4800 a month. Not me and i make 19 an hour

          19. Ok. I was able to get an apartment because I had zero income. Now I do service here on the property where I am receiving sec 8 housing. Now property managers saying I make too much to live out here while providing my service
            my dollar raise and my 40 hours a week that our management company hired me as is costing me now. I regret taking this job, working to survive working to pay rent I’m stressed and my rent is 406.00 and I have to pay my own light bill which is 2 to 300.00 and is it right or wrong working to pay rent to maintain grounds and for getting apartments ready for families and the homeless

          20. They’re even doing this with room rentals too and it’s not even worth it. Why would i want to pay almost $3,000 to live in your nasty basement? If I had that much money lying around i would be able to afford a better apartment or even put money down on a house/new car.

          21. I live in Winter Garden Florida and I have been homeless for 8 months My landlord evicted us during Covid not for not paying rent, in relation, harassing us can’t find a place to stay. either there to high for me and my boyfrienare who’s on disability. when they tell you 3 times the rent there just telling us we dont want to rent to you and can’t live here anymore took the low income Apartments and made them luxury Apartments that’s the reason we have a lot of homeless people in the town they have no wear to go

          22. I just don’t understand the knee over three times the rent if you receive Section 8 already and it shows that you can pay because they cover mostly of it what’s the problem and I’m a clean person I don’t give nobody no problem

          23. This is not logic. This is abuse. Landlords have little to worry about. At the end of the day they still have their property and income. Forcing tenants to find guarantors, co-signers, pay for background checks and realtors is too much for most people, to say nothing of this horrendous rule. It creates a system where all properties are treated as luxury properties. I’ve seen absolute rat holes, dilapidated, neglected, in remote areas and filled with drug addicts but they still have the luxury of invoking the 3-Times rule. Meanwhile people who have no criminal history, no history of substance abuse, and no history of sexual crimes are denied simply because they also have no credit. It isn’t logic. It’s abuse. It’s greed. So many people are treated as criminals simply because they lack a SCORE. It doesn’t matter if they’re not liabilities, they are treated as such anyway. This is an outdated system that allows landlords to pick and choose based not on fact but on whim. The criteria is too stringent. It needs to change. People are already dying in the streets. Tenants need more rights, more protections, not just anti-discrimination rules that are already far too easy for landlords to sidestep. If the landlords are being given unfair advantages then there need to be agents who uphold and represent the rights of tenants, with reasonable costs involved. Don’t allow yourselves to accept this as “logical.” It’s like saying “I shot a man in the head because he had the potential to shoot me in the head. I did the logical thing.” Technicalities don’t save people from dying in the streets.

          24. Fact check…. This information is inaccurate if a person made 2.5 times the rent or more they most likely wouldn’t need section 8. Section 8 doesn’t mean you have to make double or triple the rent. Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. § 1437f), often called Section 8, as repeatedly amended, authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance on behalf of low-income households in the United States.

          25. It’s insane, especially since the average rent for an apartment is $1500-$2000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and $1200-$1500 for a one bedroom!! If I had 3 times that amount, $4500 – $6000 each month, I certainly would not be trying to rent a shitty apartment or townhome. I’d be owning my own home! I would have to be making at least $32 an hour. It has taken me 8 years to make $21 working for the State of Minnesota. Then you factor in taxes and healthcare… THEN the cost of living. To get a 30 cent raise every year when gas and rent goes up at a rate 100 times that… it’s crazy.

          26. 2 times is sufficient, we need to change homelessness poicies. I work for a school district and I don’t make 3 times, I do make 2 times. Who is the policy to change this? NO MORE RED LINING ITs against the law.

          27. First. The three times rule has nothing to do with Section 8 and doesn’t even MAKE SENSE.

            Reality. As a landlord I have to pay mortgage, condo dues, taxes, and insurance. Plus fix anything that needs repair. I cannot afford for my tenants to NOT make three times income. My cheapest apartment is $1100. (And it could get $1300, I’m trying to be affordable.) It’s very nice, right on the river path, granite, SS, laundry in unit. Water, sewer, trash are included in rent. Say you make $3300 before taxes. After taxes, even if you have NO deductions for health care or savings, that’s about $2700. Pay the rent, that leaves $1600. Groceries for one person averages about $350. Utilities on this property, including electric, gas, and Internet, (no cable), average about $200. Now we are at $1050. With that $1050, you have to pay car payment, insurance on the car and the property in your apartment. Gas, tolls, upkeep on the car. Your cell phone plan. Entertainment. Dining Out. Clothing. Charity if you do that. Furnishings. Gifts. Gym. Health insurance premiums, copays, and whatever your insurance does not cover. This stuff adds up to $1050 in a HEARTBEAT for most folks. My tenants usually have a $500 or more car payment alone. Some of you think I should lower the rent some more. My mortgage, condo dues, insurance, and taxes are $850. My profit is $250. But if any appliance needs replaced, I have to pay for that. Sometimes I am not collecting rent between tenants. At the end of the year I just about break even, or make maybe $1000. Not even $10 an hour for my time put in. Only the tax breaks make land lording worth it. Just some perspective for the other side. If for some reason your costs are much lower, find a private landlord like me and explain it to them. They MIGHT make an exception. But three times rent is not unreasonable. When I was a renter it was 4 times rent required.

          28. Currently Homeless

            This is just ridiculous. I lived in my own home for over 20 years. Due to divorce, my ex got the house because after over 2 years and $50,000 in legal fees I couldn’t fight any longer to remain. A 2 bedroom apartment at $2200/month means I must have an income of at least $6600. WHAT?? That equals about $40/hr at 40 hrs/week! If I made that kind of money I wouldn’t be wanting to live in a crappy apartment! Plus that rental amount is more than what my mortgage was (which included taxes & insurance).

          29. Currently Homeless

            It has absolutely nothing to do with Section 8, low income, or anything else. The entire issue is due to the Pandemic and not being able to evict tenants who didn’t pay, plain and simple. None of this madness existed prior to that. So now it has rendered the rest of us unable to attain suitable housing when we don’t qualify for any kind of public assistance because we actually earn more than the state allows and are American citizens.

          30. I really feel this article does a poor job of describing why there is a recommendation for 3x income. I’m a social worker and a landlord. We studied this exact thing in my social work classes in college. I can’t remember if it was closer to the 1937 time frame, or around Johnson’s great society, but they started doing more research on breakdown of expenses for families. What they found that was ON AVERAGE people were paying around 30% of their income for housing. When costs of housing increased past this, it was much more difficult for people to make ends meet. Back when the research was being done, food costs were higher, and were a much higher percentage of people’s budgets. Policy makers debate weather 30% is still the best recommended amount to go to housing for a healthy budget. The decision to have people on Section 8 pay 30% of their monthly income towards rent is based on scientific social and economic research. It is not arbitrary. If you would like to get on on the conversation there are productive paths to debate this, where you can be well informed and take all these aspects into consideration.

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