About Us

Hi! We are Rachel and Chad and we run apartment-survival.com. We wanted to create a resource for apartment renters to help navigate the complicated process of renting an apartment. As you go through your own apartment rental process, you may encounter some questions along the way, and we are here to help! 

We know what it’s like to rent apartments from landlords, and we also know what it’s like to work with renters as landlords. In Chicago, we owned and were landlords of 9 different units over the course of 7 years. We were in charge of everything from listings, showings, leasing, scheduling maintenance, and all other issues that came up.

Rachel and Chad

As landlords, our top priority was to always be fair to our tenants. We lived in each building, so we were also neighbors to some of our tenants as well. We wanted to make sure that everyone was happy and treated fairly. We went above and beyond to strive to be the best landlords and were grateful to never have any big issues or evictions. 

We know that renters might have landlords that are difficult to deal with or situations that may seem unfair, and we want to help people based on our experiences.

Whether you have questions about your apartment search and application process, or questions that come up during your tenancy, we are here for you.