7 forgotten college essentials that you need in your dorm ASAP

Don’t you feel like all college packing essentials that you read online tell you the same things? Yes, you will buy that mini-fridge, and yes! you will pack your linens but what about the forgotten college essentials? Those items that you won’t know you need until you need it and it’s too late?.

After reading many college packing guides that covered the obvious items but left behind the most important ones, aka those that can be a pain if you don’t have them but you just don’t know it yet, I decided to put the ultimate list of things that will be a truly game-changer in college and save you from the desperation of realizing at 3 am that you really need a printer. 

10 easily forgotten college essentials that you need to pack


Printers are all over the place and you have probably seen that all the “things you shouldn’t bring to college” love to hate them. However, after your first semester, you will soon realize that printers can bring you peace of mind that is totally worth the extra space they take in your tiny room.

Having your own printer in college will save you from endless lines, fighting with broken printers, and finishing an essay at 3 am only to realize that you have nowhere to print it at that time.

If space is a concern for you, printers like the Canon Pixma iP110 or the Epson Workforce WF-100 are amazing choices because they take barely any space and can do the job of printing standard documents with no hassle.

Bedside table for bunk beds 

If you are the unlucky roommate who ends up sleeping in the top bed you will soon realize that you lack a bedside table to put your cellphone, latest book, and a water bottle for the night. 

Bedside shelves are great for this kind of situation as you can place them on the bed frame and it gives you enough support to have your essentials around. 

There are several bedside shelves to choose from and most of them are great and will cost you less than $50 (not bad for solving this problem!), but I personally like the ones by BedShelfie as they specialize in these products and created them to fit your laptop. 

Money Safe

As much as I hate to admit it there are people in this world that are simply bad and you have to remember this if you want to survive your first year in college. 

While chances are that your first roommate is going to be an amazing pal, the truth is that you don’t know who the other person really is or what kind of friends will come over to your place.

Thankfully, there are several money safes that you can buy for a little money and can be easily squeezed into your room, such as this book safe from Amazon or this wall clock safe.


Sheets are often an easily forgotten college essential. While most of the dorms already include a pair of sheets, at some point in your life you will have to wash them and having a second pair of them will come in handy while you wait for the laundry. 

For an extra pair of sheets, Mellanni has great bed sheet sets that offer good quality on a budget.  

Portable Wash Bag

Portable wash bags are a helpful college essential that is often overlooked. 

Yes, you will have laundry spaces on college but this item will help you when you are in a hurry and works amazing with small everyday items such as your favorite shirt or your underwear. 


HDMI cords are another item that will save you in your worst moments. 

Whether you are sick of watching Netflix from your laptop or you want to practice a presentation for your class, HDM cords are inexpensive items that can help you in endless times during your college years.

Fabric Steamer

Iron boards take a lot of space for such smaller rooms, the best thing you can do for your dorm and your clothing is to buy a fabric steamer.

Steamers are lightweight and compact and in a short amount of time you will have all your clothes without wrinkles, which is amazing for a product that is often priced under $50.

When trying to choose the best fabric streamer for college, I recommend Hilife Steamer, one of Amazon top products.

Now you know what are the most forgotten college essentials, I hope you are able to pack all you need for your next adventure. What are the times you cant’ go through college without?

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